Greetings, I’m Dathan and this is my first post on my new blog! Please add my RSS feed, many more great posts are to come!

This is a collection of blogs and websites hand-selected by me all on the topic of Web Design.

Reading RSS feeds can be exhausting and time consuming. Scanning over all 350+ feeds can be a very difficult task to do everyday and if you skip a day or two then you’re really inundated. Hence, I’ve divided these 350+ feeds into 3 groups for easier consumption.

The term Web Design can be broad in scope and it can mean either graphic design of websites or front-end engineering, and it can include back-end scripting. Since the spectrum is broad, these feeds are organized into the groups that seemed most appropriate, specifically, “Design”, “Web Design”, and “Web Development (.Net/C#).” For example, if a Web Design blog is too heavy in the design aspect then I put it in the Design group, conversely, if it’s too heavy on the server-side coding then I put it in the Web Development group. However, all of these are generally focused on the topic of Web Design and the ones in that group I consider the best Web Design feeds.

You can keep up to date with the web feeds all in one place by subscribing to them in an RSS reader such as Google Reader. For your convenience, I’ve included the OPML files and links to Google Reader Bundles so that you can easily subscribe to the collections in Google Reader, which I highly recommend for reading RSS feeds.

It’s not meant to be exhaustive, these are just the feeds that I subscribe to. I tend to avoid feeds that excessively re-post other feeds or share too much junk. In other words, these feeds below are only the best, most popular and that have original content. I’ve also removed any that have been dead for awhile.

Feel free to recommend any that I’ve missed.

This does NOT include the numerous feeds that I have categorized as the following but that are also a part of Web Design:

  • Adobe
  • Accessibility
  • E-Commerce
  • Groups/Forums
  • Flash
  • Javascript/AJAX
  • MSDN
  • Photoshop
  • Semantic Web
  • SEO
  • Silverlight
  • UX + Usability
  • WordPress
  • Web Design Galleries
  • Cool People (Which includes Designers and Developers but that post too much about personal or other stuff)

Also, I’m a .Net/C# Developer, so in my Web Development section there are a lot of feeds of that category but none of the PHP/LAMP category.



  1. 10Steps.SGSG (feed:
  2. 1stwebdesigner – Love In Design (feed:
  3. A List Apart (feed:
  4. AcrisDesign (feed:
  5. AnimHuT (feed:
  6. Arbenting (feed:
  7. Assault Blog (feed:
  8. Blog.Exxcorpio (feed:
  9. Blog.SpoonGraphics (feed:
  10. Blogfullbliss – Design Trends, Tutorials and Talk (feed:
  11. (feed:
  12. Build Internet! (feed:
  13. Color + Design Blog by COLOURlovers / Feed (feed:
  14. CrazyLeaf Design Blog (feed:
  15. Cre8ive Commando (feed:
  16. Creative Nerds (feed:
  17. Creative Tempest (feed:
  18. CreativeFan (feed:
  19. Cruzine (feed:
  20. David Airey :: Graphic and Logo Designer (feed:
  21. (feed:
  22. Denis Designs (feed:
  23. Design daily news (feed:
  24. Design Float / Popular Entries (feed:
  25. design follow (feed:
  26. Design Informer (feed:
  27. Design Meltdown 2010 (feed:
  28. Design Newz (feed:
  29. Design Observer: Main Posts (feed:
  30. Design Shack (feed:
  31. Design Shard (feed:
  32. Design*Sponge (feed:
  33. DesignBeep (feed:
  34. DesignBump – Published news (feed:
  35. DesignersCouch articles (feed:
  36. designfeedr (feed:
  37. Designious Times (feed:
  38. DesignLovr (feed:
  39. Designmoo – Published news (feed:
  40. Designrfix (feed:
  41. DesignWorkPlan (feed:
  42. Desizn Tech (feed:
  43. Devlounge – Homepage Feed (feed:
  44. dezign Musings (feed:
  45. Dzine Blog (feed:
  46. Dzinepress (feed:
  47. Echo Enduring Blog (feed:
  48. Flashtuts+/Activetuts+ (feed:
  49. Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers (feed:
  50. Fubiz™ (feed:
  51. fudgegraphics | for lovers (feed:
  52. GoMediaZine (feed:
  53. Graphic Design Blender (feed:
  54. Graphic Design Blog – An Ultimate Resource for Graphic Designers (feed:
  55. Graphic Design Links and Tutorials / Published News (feed:
  56. Graphic Fetish (feed:
  57. Hein Maas – Freelance Graphic/Web Designer (feed:
  58. Home (feed:
  59. (feed:
  60. i love typography, the typography and fonts blog (feed:
  61. iBrandStudio (feed:
  62. (feed:
  63. Inspired Magazine (feed:
  64. Inspiredology – Design Inspiration Lab (feed:
  65. instantShift (feed:
  66. IzzatAzizDotCom (feed:
  67. Just Creative Design (feed:
  68. Knowtebook – Webworkers Daily Milk (feed:
  69. Kreativuse™ (feed:
  70. Line25 (feed:
  71. MoCo Loco (feed:
  72. Naldz Graphics (feed:
  73. nenuno creative (feed:
  74. Onextrapixel – Showcasing Web Treats Without A Hitch (feed:
  75. (feed:
  76. PelFusion Design Magazine (feed:
  77. Photoshop Lady (feed:
  78. Pixel (feed:
  79. PSDFan – Community News (feed:
  80. PSDTUTS (feed:
  81. PSDVIBE – Tutorials and Resources (feed:
  82. Queness (feed:
  83. R27 CREATIVELAB (feed:
  84. [Re] (feed:
  85. Sharebrain (feed:
  86. SingleFunction (feed:
  87. Skyje – Social Design (feed:
  88. Smashing Network Feed (feed:
  89. socialh (feed:
  90. Speckyboy Design Magazine (feed:
  91. Spoonfed Design (feed:
  92. SpyreStudios (feed:
  93. Suburban Glory (feed:
  94. swissmiss (feed:
  95. The Design Cubicle (feed:
  96. The Design O’Blog (feed:
  97. The Design Superhero (feed:
  98. The River Current (feed:
  99. The UX Booth (feed:
  100. The Web Blend – Published news (feed:
  101. Think Design (feed:
  102. TJ Dzine – Web Design in Mumbai (feed:
  103. (feed:
  104. Tutorial Blog (feed:
  105. Tutorial9 (feed:
  106. TYPESETT (feed:
  107. Vectips (feed:
  108. Web Design Blog, Web Designer Resources (feed:
  109. Web Design Dev (feed:
  110. Web Design Ledger (feed:
  111. Web Design Mash – Your Designs, Our Passion (feed:
  112. Webdesigner Depot (feed:
  113. Webitect (feed:
  114. WellMedicated (feed:
  115. Yanko Design (feed:
  116. You the Designer (feed:
  117. – Free Online Resources for Designers and Developers (feed:

Web Design

  1. .net top stories (feed:
  2. 1stwebdesigner – Love In Design (feed:
  3. 456 Berea Street (feed:
  4. A List Apart (feed:
  5. Adaptive Path (feed:
  6. | Where User Interface Ideas Grow (feed:
  7. Anne’s Weblog (feed:
  8. Assault Blog (feed:
  9. Best Design Tutorials (feed:
  10. Best Web Design Schools (feed:
  11. (feed:
  12. Boagworld (feed:
  13. Boxes and Arrows (feed:
  14. Build Internet! (feed:
  15. CarbonGraffiti – Email, Online Marketing & Web Design (feed:
  16. Carrer Blog (feed:
  17. Carsonified Events – Master Feed (feed:
  18. (feed:
  19. CODE POETRY (feed:
  20. Codrops (feed:
  21. creative briefing (feed:
  22. CSS Beauty News Feed (feed:
  23. CSS Globe | Web Standards Magazine (feed:
  24. CSS-Tricks (feed:
  25. (feed:
  26. David Walsh :: Legendary scribbles about JavaScript, HTML5, AJAX, PHP, CSS, and ?. (feed:
  27. Design Float / Popular Entries (feed:
  28. Design Reviver (feed:
  29. – All Inclusive-Feed (feed:
  30. Designrfix (feed:
  31. DevGrow (feed:
  32. Devmarks» | Devmarks (feed:
  33. Dezinerfolio (feed:
  34. Drawar Articles (feed:
  35. Drawar Design Journal (feed:
  36. Dynamic Drive CSS Library (feed:
  37. Erskine Labs RSS Feed (feed:
  38. fadtastic – a multi-author web design trends journal (feed:
  39. Fuel Your Creativity (feed:
  40. FullSingle (feed:
  41. Function Web Design & Development [ Blog ] (feed:
  42. Gaya Design (feed:
  43. Google Operating System (feed:
  44. Graphic and Web Design Blog -Resources And Tutorials (feed:
  45. Hein Maas – Freelance Graphic/Web Designer (feed:
  46. Impressive Webs (feed:
  47. Janko At Warp Speed (feed:
  48. Latest blog entries (feed:
  49. Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report (feed:
  50. Jens Meiert – Blog (feed:
  51. John Resig (feed:
  52. Juicy Studio (feed:
  53. Kreativuse™ (feed:
  54. Layers Magazine (feed:
  55. Mashable | The Social Media Guide » Dev & Design Feed (feed:
  56. (feed:
  57. Microformats (feed:
  58. MyInkBlog Feed (feed:
  59. Naeem’s blog – Web designing stuff (feed:
  60. NETTUTS (feed:
  61. Noupe (feed:
  62. O’Reilly Answers (feed:
  63. PixelPerfect (Large Quicktime) (feed:
  64. Planet Mozilla (feed:
  65. Popular css Bookmarks on Delicious (feed:
  66. Popular javascript Bookmarks on Delicious (feed:
  67. Popular webdesign Bookmarks on Delicious (feed:
  68. Positive Space Blog (feed:
  69. Pro Blog Design (feed:
  70. PSD to HTML Reviews & Tutorials (feed:
  71. QuirksBlog (feed:
  72. Sharebrain (feed:
  73. Signal vs. Noise (feed:
  74. SimpleBits (feed:
  75. SitePoint Blogs (feed:
  76. Six Revisions (feed:
  77. Smashing Magazine (feed:
  78. Smashing Post (feed:
  79. Smashing Share (feed:
  80. SmashinGeeks – Blogging | Designs | Tutorials | Graphics | WordPress | Blogging | Tech News | Downloads (feed:
  81. Smiley Cat: Christian Watson’s Web Design Blog (feed:
  82. (feed:
  83. Spyre Studios (feed:
  84. Style Grind (feed:
  85. (feed:
  86. Subcide – Web Design and Development (feed:
  87. Surfin’ Safari (feed:
  88. TechnoTarget (feed:
  89. The Interactive Wall (feed:
  90. The Web Design Blog (feed:
  91. The Web Standards Project (feed:
  92. The WHATWG Blog (feed:
  93. Think Vitamin (feed:
  94. Thoughts From Eric (feed:
  95. Topics/rss (feed:
  96. tripwire magazine (feed:
  97. Tutorial Blog (feed:
  98. typesett (feed:
  99. Usable Efficiency Episodes (feed:
  100. Vandelay Website Design (feed:
  101. Vitamin Feed (feed:
  102. Wake Up Later: Freelance + Passive Income (feed:
  103. Waves of Technology (feed:
  104. Web Design Blog – (feed:
  105. Web Design Blog, Web Designer Resources (feed:
  106. Web Design Booth (feed:
  107. Web Design Ledger (feed:
  108. Web Design News (feed:
  109. Web Design Updates (feed:
  110. Web Designer – Defining the internet through beautiful design (feed:
  111. Web Designer Wall – Design Trends and Tutorials (feed:
  112. Web Developer Juice – Community News (feed:
  113. Web Performance Today (feed:
  114. WebAir Blog (feed:
  115. WebAppers (feed:
  116. Webdesigner Depot (feed:
  117. WebResourcesDepot (feed:
  118. Woork Up (feed:
  119. World Wide Web Consortium – Web Standards (feed:

Web Development (.Net/C#)

  1. <ChristophDotNet (feed:
  2. .NET Curry: Recent Articles (feed:
  3. .NET Musings (feed:
  4. .NET slave (feed:
  5. .net top stories (feed:
  6. 10x Software Development (feed:
  7. 24 ways (feed:
  8. 43 Folders (feed:
  9. Headlines (feed:
  10. Ajaxian » Front Page (feed:
  11. Alessandro Gallo (feed:
  12. Alvin Ashcraft’s Morning Dew (feed:
  13. ASP 101 News (feed:
  14. ASP Web Hosting | Windows Hosting Technology News (feed:
  15. ASP.NET Daily Articles (feed:
  16. ASP.NET Developer’s Wiki – New Articles (feed:
  17. ASP.NET News (feed:
  18. ASP.NET on SWiK (feed:
  19. ASP.NET Team Blogs (feed:
  20. ASP.NET Videos (feed:
  21. ASP.NET Weblogs (feed:
  22. ASP.NET Weblogs (feed:
  23. articles, news and updates (feed:
  24. Ayende @ Rahien (feed:
  25. Barry Gervin’s Software Architecture Perspectives (feed:
  26. BetaNews.Com (feed:
  27. Boxes and Arrows (feed:
  28. Brad Abrams (feed:
  29. brianstorms weblog (feed:
  30. BugSplat (feed:
  31. C# Feed – Programmer’s Heaven (feed:
  32. Canadian Developers (feed:
  33. Channel 9 (feed:
  34. Charlie Calvert’s Community Blog (feed:
  35. Chris Love’s Official ASP.NET Blog (feed:
  36. Chromium Blog (feed:
  37. Clemens Vasters (feed:
  38. cleverhack dot com (feed:
  39. CODE Magazine News (feed:
  40. CodeBetter.Com – Stuff you need to Code Better! (feed:
  41. CodePlex (feed:
  42. CodePlex Published Projects For Tag ASP.NET (feed:
  43. CodePlex Published Projects For Tag C# (feed:
  44. coding (feed:
  45. Coding Horror (feed:
  46. Community Blogs (feed:
  47. Coolbits Blog (feed:
  48. CraigBlog (feed:
  49. CreativeApplications.Net (feed:
  50. DamienG (feed:
  51. Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life (feed:
  52. dasBlonde (feed:
  53. Dave Burke (feed:
  54. Delicious programming popular (feed:
  55. (feed:
  56. (feed:
  57. Dino Esposito’s WebLog (feed:
  58. (feed:
  59. DotNetSlackers Latest ASP.NET News (feed:
  60. Dustin Diaz (feed:
  61. .net (feed:
  62. Eric.Weblog() (feed:
  63. Web Development Weblog (feed:
  64. Geek Noise (feed:
  65. (feed:
  66. IEBlog (feed:
  67. István Miklós Antal (feed:
  68. Janko At Warp Speed (feed:
  69. Jimmy Nilsson’s weblog (feed:
  70. John Lam on Software (feed:
  71. Kate Gregory’s Blog (feed:
  72. KC on Exchange and Outlook (feed:
  73. Knowing.NET (feed:
  74. Latest News from .NET Developer’s Journal (feed:
  75. LeVoltz – Tips, Hacks, Cracks, Tutorials, downloads, softwares (feed:
  76. Macronimous Web Blog (feed:
  77. Making Good Software (feed:
  78. Matt Berseth (feed:
  79. Michael Crump (feed:
  80. Mr.Doob’s feed (feed:
  81. MSDN Magazine RSS Feed: (feed:
  82. NCZOnline (feed:
  83. Nikhil Kothari’s Weblog (feed:
  84. Omar AL Zabir, Many Variety of Posts (MVP) (feed:
  85. O’Reilly Network Articles (feed:
  86. Panopticon Central (feed:
  87. Playground Blues feed (feed:
  88. Pluralsight Blogs (feed:
  89. POKE 53280,0: Pete Brown’s Blog (feed:
  90. Popular development Bookmarks on Delicious (feed:
  91. ProgrammableWeb (feed:
  92. (feed:
  93. Richard Campbell Blogs Too (feed:
  94. Rick Strahl’s Web Log (feed:
  95. Rockford Lhotka (feed:
  96. Sara Ford’s WebLog : Visual Studio 2008 Tip of the Day (feed:
  97. Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen (feed:
  98. Scott on Writing (feed:
  99. Scott Robbin (feed:
  100. ScottGu’s Blog (feed:
  101. secretGeek (feed:
  102. Shahed Khan (MVP) (feed:
  103. Shiju Varghese’s Blog (feed:
  104. Simon Fell (feed:
  105. simplegeek (feed:
  106. SKORKS (feed:
  107. Stephen Forte`s Blog (feed:
  108. Steven Smith (feed:
  109. Tekpub (feed:
  110. The Code Project Latest Articles (feed:
  111. The Developer Life (feed:
  112. The Mozilla Blog (feed:
  113. Thea Burger’s Blog (feed:
  114. News (feed:
  115. Visual C# How Do I Videos (feed:
  116. VSM Columns (feed:
  117. W.H.S.R. (feed:
  118. Web Builder Zone – Web design, css, html, usability & a touch of Ajax (feed:
  119. Web Dev .NET (feed:
  120. Web.AppStorm (feed:
  121. webmonkey (feed:
  122. weirdlover (feed:
  123. Windows Live Dev (feed:
  124. writerus drivelus (feed:
  125. you’ve been HAACKED (feed:
  126. Zack Owens (feed:

Some of these feeds in the Web Development group above I consider “feed hogs” because they churn out so many posts everyday that they drown out the other feeds. I keep those ones in a seperate group which I provide below. (Note that these are also included in the Web Development feed above.)

Web Dev Hogs

  1. DZone: latest front page (feed:
  2. programming: what’s new online (feed:
  3. The Web Blend – Submitted news (feed:
  4. Web Design News (feed:
  5. Reddit Web Design (feed:

Another great one not included in the Web Dev Hogs is “Delicious popular” which is one of the best for web design information but it also includes a lot of other stuff, so I actually keep it separate:

  1. Delicious popular (feed:
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