This continues my series of round-ups on HTML5 that covers the following:

  1. HTML5 Tutorials
  2. Canvas
  3. SVG
  4. Geolocation
  5. HTML5 Web Storage
  6. Web Sockets / Push / Real-Time
  7. HTML5 Microdata, Microformats, and RDFa
  8. HTML5 Media Elements
  9. HTML5 Cheat Sheets
  10. CSS3

Therefore, these are not included below. It also excludes Mobile Development and Layout Frameworks.

There’s a wiki page on Github of HTML5 Cross Browser Polyfills (aka “The All-In-One Entirely-Not-Alphabetical No-Bullshit Guide to HTML5 Fallbacks”), I recommend that you check there for other resources not found in this series, such as HTML5 Forms – of which I didn’t have anything in addition to what they already have there.

Templates / Starter Kits

HTML5 Frameworks / JavaScript Libraries

HTML5 References

Demos / Experiments

HTML5 Tools


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15 Responses to HTML5 Resources Round-Up

  1. The Boss says:

    The “Beautiful-HTML.png – An HTML5 Poster on beautiful HTML (PNG Image, 2000×2000 pixels) (css-tricks)” file is not saved. That is very terrible form.

  2. James says:

    An excellent compilation of resources.

    Thank you for taking the time and sharing…

  3. Lucian Armasu says:

    Is WebGL considered part of HTML5? Maybe you could compile a list for WebGL (and tools/games engines for it), too, in the future.

  4. […] heute kaum noch herum, auch wenn der kommende Webstandard noch nicht offiziell eingeführt wurde. Im Webdesignblog gibt es deshalb eine große Linksammlung rund um das Thema HT…. Enthalten sind darin beispielsweise Tutorials, Cheat Sheets, Templates, Frameworks, Referenzen, […]

  5. […] stellt eine umfangreiche Linksammlung rund um das Thema HTML5 zur Verfügung.  Tutorials, Cheat Sheets, Templates, Frameworks, […]

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  7. What theme are you using? I really like this.

  8. Michael says:

    Where’s the plus 1 button!
    No, seriously. +30!

    I’ve been reading and digging and researching and when I found your site and link collection, it was like “insert heavenly sound here” thanks

    • Dathan says:

      Glad it’s helped you. All this content I got from my feeds in my first post (350+ of The Best Web Design Feeds). Google Reader is awesome way to discover content, the Reader search engine will limit your search to just those sites which can return some quality results that you won’t get on an entire web search, plus you can tag them for later reference.

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