I have quite an extensive collection of bookmarklets that I’ve presented here for your convenience, I recommend all of them. There’s also a round-up of tutorials and resources at the bottom.

To save a bookmarklet, click and drag it to your bookmarks bar.


Note in Reader
Opens a box with options to add it to Google Reader. Also works in iOS Safari.
Google Dictionary
Opens the selected word in Google Dictionary.
Google Cache
Opens Google’s cache of the current page.
Mobilize Me
Converts the current page to Google’s mobile version.
New Doc
Opens a new document in Google Docs.
Translate to English
Translates either the page to English from the detected language or the selected text using Google Translate.
Add event
Opens a prompt with the selected text to create that event in Google Calendar.
Google Highlighter
Highlights the search query text on a page that resulted from your Google search. (UserScript: googlesystem.blogspot.com/2010/01/highlight-google-search-keywords.html)
Google Search
Does a Google Search of the selected word(s).
Google Blog Search
Does a Google Blog Search of the selected word(s).
Subscribe in Google Reader
Subscribes to the default RSS feed provided for that page in Google Reader.
Map this
Does a search in Google Maps for the selected address or business.
Google Scribe
Enables Google Scribe for the current page. Google Scribe is auto-complete for grammar and spelling.
Does a search in Google for the definition of the selected word using the “define:” command (i.e. “define:plethora”).
GMail This!
Grabs the selection and opens Gmail with it in the body in a pop-up window.


Tweet This Page
Pops-up a tweetbox to enter a tweet into with the selected text or with the default text of the page title, it also converts the URL using bit.ly. (http://moopz.com/2009/04/twitter-bookmarklet-and-tweet-button.html)
Opens a pop-up window with Twitter’s tweetbox to enter a tweet. (via Carrer web log)

Takes you to Twitter.com with the default text of the page title and the full URL.
Twitter Klout Score
Searches the selected text for the user’s Klout score on Twitter. Klout measures a user’s influence across their social network. (http://www.moretechtips.net/2010/12/twitter-score-bookmarklet-klout-edition.html)
Twitter Score
Searches the selected text for the user’s popularity on Twitter. (http://www.moretechtips.net/2010/12/twitter-score-bookmarklet.html)

For Fun

Makes your page a Katamari game. (http://kathack.com/)

Page Formating

Converts the page to a more readable format. (readability.com)
Converts the page to a more readable format using your predefined styles. (readable.tastefulwords.com)
Converts the page to a more readable format. (http://viewtext.org/)
Instapaper Text
Converts the page to a more readable format. (http://www.instapaper.com/extras)
Converts Google Reader to a more readable format. (via Carrer web log)
Converts the page to a more readable format. (via Carrer web log)
Lets you select which page section to convert and make more readable. (code.google.com/p/clipr)
Print Friendly
Converts the page to a more readable format and lets you select which elements and containers to remove. (printfriendly.com)
Pops-up a lightbox containing the main content of the link.


Mobile Perf
Provides tools for inspecting, profiling, and debugging the page, intended for mobile devices. (via stevesouders.com)
Firebug Lite beta
Open a JavaScript version of Firebug. Works in iOS. (getfirebug.com/firebuglite)
DOM Monster!
Opens a pop-up performance profiling data. (mir.aculo.us/dom-monster)
Display Stats
Opens a box that shows JavaScript performance info. (https://github.com/mrdoob/stats.js)
Pops-ups a box with performance profiling data. (via ajaxian.com/archives/statsy-find-those-wasted-bytes-with-a-bookmarklet)
Lets you do various commands to study the document source. (http://karmatics.com/aardvark/)
Puts colored outlines around potentially invalid, inaccessible or erroneous HTML markup.(red-root.com/sandbox/holmes)
Refresh CSS
Refreshes the external style sheet.(https://gist.github.com/649650)
Refreshes the external style sheet. (david.dojotoolkit.org/recss.html)
Opens the Maki toolbar that lets you overlay a mock-up over the page for pixel perfect tweeking. (makiapp.com)
Canvas Grid
Overlays 10px by 10px grid on the page. (vcarrer.com/2010/09/canvas-grid-js1k-entry.html)
Wirify by Volkside
Creates a wireframe of the current page. (www.wirify.com)
Window Size
Displays the viewport size in the top left.
Finds the web fonts used and lets you try alternative fonts. (ffffallback.com)
Identifies the font in a tooltip when you hover over text and pops-up info when you click. (chengyinliu.com/whatfont.html)
Pops-up a toolbox for exploring and editing page fonts. (somadesign.ca/projects/fontfriend)
Puts a red outline around divs.
Auto-populates form fields for quick testing. (dom111.co.uk/files/autoPopulate)
Dojo Toolkit API Bookmarklet
Opens a prompt to lookup the term in the Dojo reference.
Phantom Limb
Puts an image of a big hand pointing over the page to simulate a touch screen user. (vodori.com/blog/phantom-limb.html)
Screen readers
Turns the screen black so you can tab through and see what screen readers see. (felipe.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/accessibility-usability)


Quix App
Opens a prompt that responds to text commands. It has 109 commands. (quixapp.com/help)
Opens a prompt that responds to text commands. It has 21 commands. (shortwaveapp.com)
Shorten with X.CO
Opens X.CO with the URL of the page in the input box. (x.co)
Short URL
Opens to bit.ly to get the shortURL (bit.ly)
Get Long URLs
Converts ShortURLS to LongURLS
Opens a prompt with the TinyURL provided by the page owner. (revcanonical.appspot.com)
Capture Screenshot
Open kwout.com with a screenshot (kwout.com)
Take Screenshot
Opens webshotspro.com to get a screenshot of the URL. (webshotspro.com)
Urban Dictionary lookup
Looks up the selected slang term in Urban Dictionary. (urbandictionary.com)
Confusing Words
Opens ConfusingWords.com and looks up the selected word in their database. (confusingwords.com)
Acronym lookup
Looks up the selected acronym. (acronymfinder.com)
Opens a drawing UI for drawing on the page which can be visible to others who use MarkUp. (markup.io)
Let’s you draw on the page. (goggles.sneakygcr.net)
Replaces a textarea with a Bespin editor. (https://bespin.mozillalabs.com/bookmarklet)
Beautifies the code on the page with prettyprint. (syntaclet.com)
View passwords
Changes the password fields to text fields.
User Style Bookmarklet
Replaces the CSS styles with your own predefined styles.
Sends the video to Showyou to share it on Showyou or add them to your Watch Later queue.
Instapaper Offline Reading
Sends the URL to Instapaper for offline reading.
Opens a tool panel with options to format and save the page. (.printwhatyoulike.com)
Converts the page to PDF (for easier printing). (joliprint.com)
Print Friendly
Makes any web page print friendly. (printfriendly.com)
Set up at ToRead.cc
Sends the web page to your email. (toread.cc)
Send 2 Zamzar for Conversion
Takes any YouTube video and converts it into another downloadable format using Zamzar. (zamzar.com)
FLV Resources Downloader
Redirects the page to a service that lets you grab the FLV and convert it. (flvresources.com)
Alexa site profile
Opens up the website’s profile in Alexa.com
Takes you to doj.me and tells you if the site is down or if it is just you. (doj.me)


Pops-up a tool for viewing the source and related info. (snoopy.allmarkedup.com)
Change font size
Opens a prompt to specify font size.
Find in this page
Opens a prompt to specify text to find.
Opens a prompt to specify word to look up. (dictionary.com)
Opens a prompt to specify word to look up. (thesaurus.com)
vv Scroll to Bottom vv
Scrolls to Bottom.
Display all images
Displays only the images.
List all links
Lists all the links in a new window.
Opens a prompt to specify terms to look up. (Wikipedia.com)
Google Translate
Translates to English using Google Translate
Movie times
Opens a prompt to specify zipcode using Google Movie Search
Rotten Tomatoes
Opens a prompt to specify what movie to find reviews for in Rotten Tomatoes. (rottentomatoes.com)
Post with Twitterrific
Opens the Twitterrific iOS app. (http://twitterrific.com/)
Formates the page to a more readable format for mobile. (readability.com)
Tidy Read
Converts the page to a more readable format for mobile. (tidyread.com)
Show RSS Feed
Shows the RSS feed in the SavantTools.com RSS feed reader. (SavantTools.com)
Show Password
Converts password fields to text fields.

Bookmarking Services

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Bookmarklet Development Tutorials

Bookmarklet Generators

Greasemonkey Stuff

Greasemonkey scripts (aka user-scripts) are like bookmarklets except they run automatically from the Greasemonkey browser extension for their specific website.

Bookmarklets Directories

Bookmarklets Round-ups

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3 Responses to Awesome Bookmarklets + Tutorials and Resources

  1. Jazz says:

    Great site of bookmarlets and resources. How do you manage to make use of all these? Dragging these to my browser (chrome) would be kinda crazy..I just keep a few that I really do use often..it would be great if there was personal bookmarklet homepage for people.

    • Dathan says:

      Thanks. I’ve collected these over the years, so I understand if it’s a bit daunting. I keep them organized in folders. I just like to have them handy incase I need them.